Niamh Strong sings Eva Casssidy

Recorded 24th November 2018.

Here's a little preview video featuring the amazing voice of Niamh Strong, who will soon be releasing an album...

Brothers In Arms - Don Baker & Rob Strong

Recorded 6th August 2018.

A short feature on the 2018 Brothers In Arms Tour from the legendary Don Baker & Rob Strong

Going Underground

Recorded 8th June 2018.

We were delighted to be asked to film at Dublin's newest music venue - "The Underground at Peadar Kearneys" in...

A Taste Of Quangodelic

Recorded 29th April 2018.

Here is our take on the essence of the downright funktasticness that Quangodelic bring to The Sextant!...

Don Baker & Rob Strong - Keep It To Yourself

Recorded 6th April 2018.

Here's another gem from Don, Rob, Salvatore & Hugh! Do yourself a favour and get along to see this great band...

Don Baker & Rob Strong - Shoe Shine Man

Recorded 10th March 2018.

Check out this great track featuring the incredible voice of Rob Strong, and the many talents of Don Baker and...

Quangodelic - The Funk Marches On

Recorded 28th April 2018.

Join us for an essence of the downright funktasticness that Quangodelic bring to The Sextant! The band varies...

Don Baker Winner In You

Recorded 4th October 2017.

A beautiful performance of Don's timeless "Winner In You"

Cork & Wigan Jazz Twinning Event

Recorded 22nd March 2018.

Two of Europe's best known centres for Jazz - Cork & Wigan - joined forces for this special 'twinning event',...

Horse at An Spailpin Fanach

Recorded 13th October 2017.

Noise Rock evangelists Horse shaking The Spailpin Fanach to the core! Live highlights coming shortly here

Don Baker & Rob Strong Feature

Recorded 18th February 2018.

A behind-the-scenes view of Don, Rob and friends during their live recording at Jealoustown Studios. An...

Dry Roasted Peanuts Feature

Recorded 23rd December 2017.

Here is our short feature on Dry Roasted Peanuts - great music interspersed with dubious philosophy :) This...

Ruby & The Nighthawks VP

Recorded 25th November 2017.

Here's a short clip of the multi-talented Ruby & The Nighthawks as we joined them for chats on Cats, dogs,...

Musical Brotherhood

Recorded 30th August 2017.

Musical Brotherhood - bringing you funk, soul, sass and class!


Recorded 18th October 2017.

Luki is an artist, singer, songwriter and performer - well known on the streets of Cork especially late at...

The Vestas

Recorded 16th August 2017.

Highlights & Interview here from The Vestas who write a variety of original songs and are heavily influenced by...

Dry Roasted Peanuts at Cyprus Ave

Recorded 6th July 2017.

A flavour of the madness that is ... Dry Roasted Peanuts. Just a couple of their live songs here, edited...


Recorded 27th July 2017.

Here are some highlights of MRC - the Mountainous Riff Club - deadly name and deadly people! You'll get a...

Crab Seal Teeth

Recorded 9th August 2017.

Crab Seal Teeth is a Cork based psychedelic punk-rock band playing original music. Their influences extend to...

Human Instinct

Recorded 4th October 2017.

Human Instinct are a young four piece rock band from Cork who played with infectious enthusiasm and seemed to...

Colin Andrew Trio

Recorded 14th June 2017.

A really slick performance here from The Colin Andrew trio, superb live sound, definitely worth checking out if...


Recorded 19th July 2017.

STAY are an original band from Cork, Ireland. Formed in late 2014 they are Lukasz Komonski, ‘Aido’ Adrian...

The Lost Gecko

Recorded 12th July 2017.

Scots clan man Malcolm Urqhart better known as The Lost Gecko has searched high and far for himself through his...

Voodoo Child

Recorded 7th June 2017.

Voodoo Child are a top class Jimi Hendrix tribute and really try to recreate that Jimi vibe! Here you'll hear...

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