A Taste Of Quangodelic

Recorded live on 29th April 2018 at The Sextant.

Here is our take on the essence of the downright funktasticness that Quangodelic bring to The Sextant! Featuring 16 members on the night (16!) - they rose and roused the crowd from beginning as curious onlookers to ending as full-blown participants! A wild night of funk and free expression from this ensemble of magnificent troubadours. We hope you like it! Watch out for their upcoming album launch too.

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Quangodelic play classy funk. Not pop, soul or Disco but classy underground funk. Sweaty P Funk. Quangodelic also write original funk, wonky funk. Influenced in equal parts by Parliament/Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone, Captain Beefheart, Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers & Charles Mingus. The band varies from 12-15 piece, includes a legendary 4-6 piece horn section which can often lapse into New Orleans style collective improv, 5 singers, guitars keys bass drums and percussion. There are many Funk bands but not like this. This gets very messy, very sweaty and can go absolutely anywhere and does. No two gigs are the same. This is not polite tightly arranged wedding band this is more Greatful Dead than James Brown, Containing the best musicians from the best scene in Ireland who are let off the leash and gelled together into the wonkiest funkiest swampiest groove ever. An absolutely must see.

Website: https://www.breakingtunes.com/quangodelic

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