Ruby & The Nighthawks VP

25th November 2017 at The Oliver Plunkett.

Here's a short clip of the multi-talented Ruby & The Nighthawks as we joined them for chats on Cats, dogs, slippers, vomit and ricemilk - we left out some of it! Oh and they rocked The Oliver Plunkett as always!

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Ruby & The Night Hawks

Ruby Tina is a singer-songwriter and piano player and has written and produced an extensive catalogue of songs drawing inspiration from all genres of music. Ruby continues to work hard with her band 'The Night Hawks'. She has collaborated on various musical projects with many national and international artists. The Night Hawks present Ruby's songs with a rock fueled drive which helps encapsulate the power and full spectrum of emotion within Ruby's material. They've featured on local, national and international radio stations and have also received regular online airplay.

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